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I envisioned this piece when I found the wood frame-plaque while thrifting. I immediately saw something breaking out of it, as if it were a long-locked portal. I am forever fascinated by creatures from the deep and horror themes. Lovecraftian? Yes.

She is Cthylla (as created by Brian Lumley.) She was trapped in the underworld but, had discovered a flaw; a weakness in the binding spell that was intended to hold her prisoner for eternity.

She was spawned as a fail-safe; a guarantee that her father, Cthulhu would never truly die. Trapped and bound by Those Who Would Destroy The True God, she lay in wait. Meticulously and relentlessly she tested and teased each spell combination until at last… a ripple formed in the membrane between her world and ours. With each correct connection of symbols in the correct order, she grew stronger as the spell weakened. Finally it clicked. Finally, a pinhole of light appeared. Finally, she was free.

• 10x13 Wood frame and panel
• Polymer clay, acrylics, aquarium glass and resin
• Original art Conceived nd completed by 3QuarterMoon Creative, LLC.


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